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The Irish Wolfhound A Big Dog with a Bigger Heart - The Irish Wolfhound is the tallest breed of dog in existence.

Tips to Building Useful Dog Houses - The term in the "Dog house" used to mean that one was in some sort of trouble.

Chow Chows The Stuff From the East - Chow Chow is an ancient breed, with their most notable feature being their blue tongue.

The American Foxhound Beauty and Stamina Foxes Beware - The American Foxhound, a close cousin to the English Foxhound, has been bred to enhance certain traits, like sense of smell and speed.

The Cocker Spaniel The Dog with a Perm - The Cocker Spaniel is most often used today as a show dog or companion dog, but this hasn't always been the case.

Reasons Why A Pit Bull May Not Be Right For You - There is no question that Pit Bulls are good looking animals.

Choosing a Westhighland Terrier - Westies are fun loving and spirited, and have a sense of humor There is no question that the West Highland White Terrier is a versatile and remarkable breed.

Save A Dog Shop At NonProfit Organizations - Did you know that where you shop for your dog can help raise funds for animal rescue non-profit organizations that rescue animals who are abandoned or surrendered? It's true.

Is Your Fish Tank Really Clean - This a detail guide on how to clean your fish tank.

Learn The Amazing Facts About Parrot Breeders - There are many different types of parrot breeders available and all offer different breeds of parrots.

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