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Information on every aspect of horse care and equine management, from health and nutrition to grooming and hoof care.
Horse Fly Mask Selection, Fit, Care Tips
Use these tips to help choose the right fly mask style and fit to give your horse effective bug-season protection. By Amy Anderson, with Sandra Cooke, for Practi
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Which of Your Horse's Legs is Lame?
In most cases, pinpointing lameness in your horse's legs isn't difficult if you follow these steps. By Dr. Karen Hayes and Sue M. Copeland.
Healthy Horse Grooming Tips for Winter
Maintain your horse's health and haircoat this winter with these cold-weather grooming tips from Horse & Rider.
Fight Winter Respiratory, Skin Problems
Sound equine management will keep your horse free from respiratory difficulties and irritating skin conditions this winter. Written by Allison Rogers for EQUUS magazine.
Red Maple Leaf Poisoning Scare
The wilted, poisoned leaves from a fallen red maple tree limb prove irresistible to an easygoing mare, and she nearly pays with her life. Written by Susan Owen for EQUUS magazine.

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