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Information and articles about horse training and behavior - including articles on solving behavioral problems, ground training of young horses and horse training tips in a variety of riding styles.

Leg-Yield to Manage Your Horse's Blowups
From 1992 Olympic Team bronze medalist Charlotte Bredahl, a leg-yield exercise to get your horse's attention back on you and the job at hand when an explosion threatens. From the editors of Practical Horseman magazine.
Horse Training Articles
Starting Young Horses at StartSmart Academy
An exclusive report about the first session of StartSmart Academy, the young-horse starting program at Judi Gerhardt's Blue Moon Equestrian Center in Covington, Louisiana. Written by Judi Gerhardt for EquiSearch.
Make Every Moment a Time to Train
Clinton Anderson offers training tips on how to make the most of moments you do have to spend with your horse. Written by Jennifer Forsberg Meyer.
Training a Horse with Separation Anxiety
Form a better bond with your horse so he respects and takes confidence in your leadership. Written by Camie Heleski for Dressage Today.
How to Catch Any Horse
Former stunt rider Martha Cantarini reveals one of the secrets that "will make people believe you talk to horses." Written for EquiSearch.
Barrel Racing: Perfecting the Money Turn
Take control of your too-aggressive barrel racing horse and improve his first barrel turn with these training tips from futurity champ Talmadge Green for Horse & Rider magazine.
Barrel Race with Controlled Speed
Martha Josey explains how to calm your anxious barrel racing horse--and shave seconds off your time. From Horse & Rider magazine
Ask the Experts: Rider Who Pumps with the Upper Body
A trainer, teacher and accomplished dressage competitor advises how to correct pumping with the upper body at the canter. By Leigh Cochran for Dressage Today magazine.
Ask the Experts: Horse that Leans on the Inside Rein
Better throughness, balance and suppleness can keep your horse from leaning on the inside rein. By Cindi Rose Wylie for Dressage Today magazine.
Leg Protection for Young Horses
Protecting the legs of young horses will save them from self-inflicted injuries. Written by Jayne Pedigo for About Horses.
Longeing Safety
Using the right equipment, and using it correctly, when longeing your horse will help prevent accidents. Written by Jayne Pedigo for About Horses.
Low-risk Longeing
Medical editor Matthew Mackay-Smith discusses ways to reduce


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