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How to Test Your Horse's Hay
Follow these five steps to test your horse's hay and screen for harmful bales. By Christine Barakat for EQUUS magazine.
Tax Tips for Donating Your Horse
If you're considering donating a horse, consider the following tax tips when seeking a deduction. By Elaine Pascoe for Horse & Rider magazine.
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Horses Help with Human Psychotherapy
For equine behaviorist Chris Irwin, discovering equine-assisted psychotherapy was both a confirmation of what he had always known and an open door to the expanding possibilities of horse/human connections.
Training Tips for Disabled Riders
U.S. Paralympic team member Lynn Seidemann gives her training advice to disabled riders and their instructors. Written by Patricia Lasko for Dressage Today magazine.

Horse Show Mental Preparation
Ten tips from trainer Shannon MucCulloch-Verdier that'll help you quiet your nerves and mentally prepare for the horse show ring.
Event Rider Kim Severson: How It All Started
In five years, eventer Kim Severson catapulted from a "surprise" win at the 1999 Rolex Kentucky CCI*** to a team bronze and individual silver medal at the Athens Olympics. Here's a look back at the foundations of her stellar career. By Sandra Cooke for Practical Horseman magazine.
Rick Fancher: Training Hunter Champ Osczar
How respected trainer Rick Fancher's program brought one of the show circuit's all-time great hunters Osczar along from International Hunter Futurity success to become a star in both the open and amateur divisions. Written by Sandra Cooke for Practical Horseman magazine.
Developing Correct Contact in Dressage
A USDF-certified instructor gives a three-step process to encourage your horse to step with good energy into the contact. Written by Joy Congdon for Dressage Today.

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