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Did you know that where you shop for your dog can help raise funds for animal rescue non-profit organizations that rescue animals who are abandoned or surrendered? It's true! Where you shop can make a difference in a dog's life. Something so simple as that. I did not realize this myself, until recently. But now, I will not shop anywhere else for my beloved dog Alana. I recently saw a slide show about abandoned senior pugs. They are abandoned for many reasons.

One reason is that as the baby boomer generation ages or dies, they can no longer care for their pets. So these old pugs end up in crowded cages in shelters. The faces of the old pugs are gray, and their eyes are clouded, but the cataracts can't hide their sweet eyes. Their backs are arched and their legs are bent, their steps falter. They have names like Mr.

Harry, Butters, Pudge, and Goofy. These little ones have given so much to their humans, and are now being thrown away, disposed of like garbage. They have given so much to their humans over the years asking nothing in return, it makes one want weep to think of them ending up this way. There are thousands of non-profit rescues and shelters across the U.S. that are staffed solely by volunteers.

These volunteers give of themselves to save the dogs that end up in these places. Many of these non-profit organizations are breed specific, and can be found by looking for them by the breed you are interested in. Others rescue all dogs, irrespective of breed. Now you might be wondering, how does shopping tie into all this.

Many of these organizations have websites. On these websites they offer links to stores that provide products especially for dogs. When you purchase your dog products and supplies from these stores a donation is made to the non-profit organization by that store. How is that for making the most of your money! For instance, VIPoochy is an on line retailer who offers such a program to non-profits.

They have a Philanthropic Program strictly for such non-profit organizations and was recently featured in the national press for their efforts to donate to rescues, shelters and the like. VIPoochy has a history of promoting animal welfare and job creation through high fashion and luxury adornments for the cultured canine and the humans who love them. VIPoochy reviews each rescue association carefully, creates an alliance with the rescue association. Once included as a philanthropic partner, VIPoochy provides the rescue association with a Philanthropic Program banner and link for the rescue's web site.

When visitors to the rescue web site clicks the link, they are directed to the VIPoochy products. The rescue association receives a donation for each purchase made. Collars, charms, sweaters, or even gift certificates are just a few of VIPoochy's offerings.

Further, VIPoochy sends a monthly newsletter to their Philanthropic Partners on fundraising tips, event ideas, and other related topics. They also provide their rescue association with other gifts and promotional material to use in their fundraising at a local level. How cool is that!?! I don't know about you, but I will be shopping at my favorite non-profit for my dog, Alana, from now on!.

Julie Chrisler has several web sites and is very involved in the Internet. Her first love is animals, and her flagship web site is She became allied with Suasan Benesh of in her desire to give back to the animals she loves so much.


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