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Tips to Building Useful Dog Houses

The term in the "Dog house" used to mean that one was in some sort of trouble. These days dog houses are worth being in. The pet business is becoming a booming business. There are stores selling pet accessories opening up and businesses dedicated to making mans best friend comfortable. Not only do dog houses provide shelter from the elements, they are also designed to be comfortable, safe and clean.

Dog houses now offer more than just a few pieces of lumber and some nails. There are many different types of dog houses available in the market; some simple and others more complicated. To ensure that your pet gets exactly what it needs, build one yourself. Include in your dog house budget other necessary pet accessories like appropriate toys for inside and outside use.

Building a dog house can be a fun family project. First go online and find what dog house plans there are and decide on one. Make sure that the plan is suited to match your dog's size and is also suitable for the climate that you live in. Use building materials that can last and survive the elements and are locally available. Consider the proper bedding within your dog house and determine the dog house best location.

Dog houses do not need to be overly complicated. Keep in mind dog houses main purposes are to keep it dry, to keep the dog out of the elements and to provide for the dog's safety. A dog house can also be built to include a storage area for all the pet accessories. Dog houses need to be kept dry.

Dog houses should be water proof and should have the ability to stay dry; even when the dog brings water into the dog house. Keeping the dog house dry is not only for the dogs comfort but a dry dog house may prevent the growth of bacteria, parasites and viruses that can cause certain health issues for the dog. Installing windows that will allow for cross ventilation can be helpful or better install a fan to circulate air. If you live in an area where humidity is a problem, a canvas flap may be installed as a door. Dogs cope well with the elements. Dogs have the body hair which acts as insulation.

Short hair dogs and long haired dogs are both designed to keep warm in cold weather. Putting a heat source into a dog house isn't necessary depending on you live. Comfort is crucial. Use reasonable judgement to make sure that your pet will be able to stand in a dog house under current weather conditions of the area you live in. Therefore, insulating a dog house wall isn't necessary if you live in Florida but could definitely be a consideration if living further north.

Proper installation of insulation can be a hazard as the dog may start pulling on it and inevitably eat some of it. Once again, careful thoughts and planning are necessary to create a succesful environment. Size Matters Since the dog's body is going to keep the dog house warm, it does not make sense to build a dog house that is too big. Measure the dog's size when he curls up for his nap and add a few inches; this should be a comfortable inside size for a dog house. Also add a few inches of height taller than its shoulder. Other tips Your local building supply store or lumber yard offers the supplies you need for your dog houses.

Wood is the preferable material; make sure it is treated to prevent the growth of unwanted germs. Do not use cement floors as these tend to be cold during winters. Finish the dog house with pet accessories like bedding materials and pet toys.

Pet accessories can be purchased at any of your local pet supply stores. Alternatively, there are many online stores that sell the pet accessories you need to have for your dog in his new happy home.

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