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Footings Train And Compete Injury Free - The ideal footing for your horse will depend on what type of event, climate, natural ground type and location of where you work, exercise and train your horse.

Lie Down One of the Most Important Dog Obedience Commands - Before you can learn the advanced obedience commands, it is vital that you first learn the basics and the ?lie down? command is one of the first that you should teach.

Dont Bring Your Pet to an Ugly Vet - How do you choose a good veterinarian? There are so many horror stories about callousness and poor care; how can I be sure my veterinarian is going to give quality care to the animal I love?.

Adopting an Older Dog - Making the decision to share your home with a canine is one step towards a rewarding experience.

Tick Tick TickTime for Ticks - Tick season is on us again.

How Can You Tell If Its A Real Canadian Ferret - The species of Real Canadian Ferrets are a hot topic among ferret lovers because they are rare to get your hands on.

Equine Influenza - Horse feeling under the weather? Maybe he has the flu.

Strategies to Help Horse Show Parents and Teens Beat the Losing Slump - Horse showing provides an incredible opportunity for learning important life lessons for both teens and their parents.

The Basics of Pet Health Insurance - Finding the best, affordable pet insurance for you and your family pet is as easy as picking up the yellow pages or searching online.

Belgian Tervuren A Great Pet Dog Breed - Belgian Tervuren is a wonderful dog breed for a loving family with older children.

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