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Belgian Tervuren A Great Pet Dog Breed

Care of your Belgian Tervuren is essential for grooming daily, bathing once a month, and making sure they have the necessities as well. This dog breed can have issues with hip and elbow dysplasia, epilepsy, and retinal atrophy. You should talk with a breeder extensively about the proper care for your dog and what to expect and how you might be able to prevent a few health concerns from happening. There are many dog breeds out there to choose from and it is important that you find the right companion for yourself. When you are trying to choose a dog breed you will need to know what each dog is like, not only in looks, size, but also temperament.

The Belgian Tervuren is considered a herding dog. Most often this dog was used for helping with farm duties. The Belgian Tervuren dog breed has been around since the late 19th century, so they are relatively new compared to other dog breeds that have histories dating back to early empires. The Belgian Tervuren has a fawn or russet coat, with a black topcoat. The ears and face are also covered with the black rather than the russet. You will find they are a medium large dog weighing in at sixty to sixty- five pounds.

The male dogs are twenty- four to twenty- six inches in height, with the females ranging about two inches smaller. Each dog breed has a different temperament and you will find the Belgian Tervuren is not any different. They are one of the best companions to have. They enjoy human contact as well as being alert, agile, and very inquisitive. You will find these dogs tend to become lonely without a master and do not take well to being ignored or left alone for long periods of time. You will also find the Belgian Tervuren will behave better around older children as they don't like the rough treatment little ones can often supply.

Being herders by nature this dog breed will show signs of protectiveness, watchfulness, and they can be very territorial. The Belgian Tervuren is best as a single pet household or with other dogs. They can show a dominant side even to their own breed if you don't bring them up as puppies together. Training is very important whether you are going to use this dog as a herder or just have for a pet.

You will want to train them as puppies to help with socialization of other humans and pets as well as bring out their cooperative nature. You will find yourself spending a little time training them because they exhibit plenty of energy, love things to do, and need consistency. You should never be harsh during training sessions, but being fair and showing respect is very important.

The Belgian Tervuren does well with active owners, someone who will take them for daily walks, have play time for at least fifteen minutes a day, and allow them plenty of backyard to roam in. Owners who live in small apartments, or work for long hours every day will not find this breed to be the best for them. You will find the Belgian Tervuren dog is very adaptable, especially in terms of weather. They can handle changes in weather to extreme climates due to the coat they have. The coat while not the softest is dense allowing their bodies to be protected from cold.

You will also find despite the long hair they tend to shed heavily only once a year. At other times they do shed, but it is lighter and less noticeable.

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