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Why You Shouldnt Use A Shock Collar On Your Dog

Many dog owners and professional trainers are deciding against the use of the dog training shock collar in training dogs, or trying to resolve behavior problems of the dog. The main reason for the decline in use of the dog training shock collar is that their potential for misuse is extremely high, and the dog training shock collar can easily cause considerable distress and pain to the dog. Since dogs have little sense of logical reasoning, a dog experiencing a electrical shock from a dog training shock collar will likely associate the punishment with whatever he is focusing on at the moment.

When dog training shock collars are used incorrectly, the dog could be focusing on another dog, or the owner. Unwanted side effects of using a dog training shock collar include: ? dog becoming frightened easily ? potential aggressiveness of the dog When used by inexperienced dog trainers, the dog training shock collar could take many shock treatments before the dog actually associates it with the unwanted behavior. It could take several more administrations of the shock when using the dog training shock collar, before the dog realizes how to avoid being shocked, buy performing the correct behavior. When the dog training shock collar is used improperly, it could cause additional behavior problems in the dog, rather than correct the behavior problems he may have. With the risks so high with the dog training shock collar, more and more dog owners are seeking out alternative methods of training their dog at home.

An inexperienced dog trainer may not even realize he is harming his dog with excessive shock from the dog training shock collar. It is extremely important that before you decide to use the dog training shock collar to aid in training your dog, that you learn everything there is to know about it. If you lack one piece of crucial knowledge, you could unknowingly harming your dog. In addition the potential of misuse of the dog training shock collar, it has been proven possible that the dog training shock collar can be triggered by outside influences, and can easily malfunction. When this happens, it could result in the dog being given repeated shocks. For the stated reasons, and more, the use of the dog training shock collar has declined enormously.

Most professional dog trainers and pet owners are seeking alternative methods to train their dogs.

Dog Training Shock Collar and Shock Collar product reviews so you know you are only teaching your dog the very best techniques.


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