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Your dog's health is extremely important when you bring them into the family. You will want to ensure they are well taken care of and that you are following the directions of best dog care. There are many breeds of dogs so some may differ a little, but there are still important aspect you need to consider before bringing a dog home. First of all dogs are often inquisitive and usually get into things they shouldn't. You will need to "dog proof" your home.

You don't want them to reach things that are dear to you and that they could break. So make sure your favorite items are up high on stationary shelves where they can't be reached. You also want to make sure that they don't have access to things they will chew such as shoes, pillows, garbage, and other items. Training can help in the department of behavior, but sometimes when a dog is left alone too long they will get into anything despite the training. Dogs also differ from other pets you may have had growing up.

A dog requires more attention and specific feeding regiments. Cats are the type of pet you can fill the food bowl and they will eat out of it for days. A dog on the other hand if given the food will most likely eat it all and beg for more. You should speak with a vet about proper feeding times depending on the dog you have. Some will be fine with just one meal a day, while others may need to have three small meals a day. Keep in mind that you want to portion out the food based on their weight.

If you already have an overweight dog you will need to cut back on how much they eat in a day. Special items, such as treats are not always a good thing to give your dog. You may reward them for good behavior, obeying your commands, and other reasons, but remember they don't always have to have a treat. Simply giving them affection and kind words can be reward enough. You also need to consider the dog breed when you consider dog care.

Some dogs are going to need a lot of grooming, time spent exercising, and a lot of affection. Others don't need as much. When you are looking for your dog you will want to do as much research on the breeds you are interested in and narrow down the list until you find the best fit. Dog care means you will need to have a place to let them exercise, whether it is taking them for walks in the park or just letting them run around the yard you have. Depending on the size of dog you may need to have a larger home. Smaller dogs do well in condos or apartments, but other dogs need to have room to grow and enjoy activities.

You always need to have plenty of water for your dog, especially when it is hot out. Heat can be very dangerous to most dogs because of the thick coats they have. They can simply drink all their water in one gulp when it is hot, so you may need other methods of watering your dog when it is hot outside. If you are going to leave your dog outside all day listen to the weather. You will need to make concessions for severe weather.

Make sure they have plenty of shade and that they can't escape the enclosure. While some of this may seem like common sense dog care it is important to learn all about your dog to ensure proper care is being provided.

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