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Understanding Your Dog Aggression Problem and How to Stop Them

A lot of people blame the breed of the dog as the cause of their aggression. These causes people to no longer enjoy the breed they love. Where the fact is that people cannot distinguished the difference at all between assertiveness and breeding rights with aggression There is a public outcry against vicious and aggressive dogs. In some countries, and in some states, the Pit Bull, Rottweiler, Argentine Dogo, American Staffordshire Terrier and others have been banned or have been required to wear muzzles whenever they are in public.

Why? Do you mean all these dogs are bad dogs. Where in actually reality there are no such things as bad dogs, what we have are bad owners and bad breeders which causes the public to go against these dogs. If you just open up your eyes to observe, you will start seeing American Pit Bull Terrier and other so called "Viscious Dogs" that has gone through dog training in search and rescue resulted in this pit bull working very hard at its job, and is very successful even around children. But because of their reputation, people tend not to see their gentle side traits. One of the common misunderstanding of dog aggression is when you as the owner is not able to establish the dog position in the family. As dog is pack animal, it will try to find its standing in the hierachy.

Since children are at eye level with the dog, it makes perfect sense the dog will first challenge them on its first level and proceed up until it find its standing. It is the responsibility of you the owner and as the leader to establish and make your dog understand that their position is at the lower end of this pecking order. Family first, dog last. Establishing this fact that is clearly understood by your dog will definitely solve a lot of your dog's aggression issues. Another common mistakes that many owners make, that actually train their dog to have the aggression behavior problem is when they encourage aggressive behavior.

Playing tug-of-war or wrestling games encourages the dog to attempt to "best", or "win out" over the owner, which can result in the beginning of a dominance aggression problem. This again goes back to being establishing the position of the dog in the family, by encouraging such activity, you would destroy the establishment of his rank in the family. When dogs are encouraged to "go get 'em" or to bark and dash about in response to outside noises or the approach of a person, territorial and protective aggressive behavior may be the result. So aggression behavior can be changed with proper dog training and right establishment of the dog's ranking in the pack. So it is my encouragment for all of us to start seeing things from the other side of the coin, some of these called "Viscious Breed" are really not and they are some of the most wonderous companion to be around with. Even, if you get them with aggression problem, you can still re-train them and they can be transform to obedience and most wonderful dogs you can ever have.

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