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The Advantages Of A Disposable Cat Litter Box

There are many different types of litter boxes, but perhaps the most practical type is the disposable cat litter box. The adaptability of a disposable box is proven by enabling even you to easily construct one at home. Various storage boxes that can be procured from nearby hardware stores can be easily transformed into disposable cat boxes. The bigger the box, the better and more desirable it is to be transformed into a cat box. A storage box with a minimum of twenty-four inches in length and width is ideal. The basic structure of a cat litter box is a hard bottom section and elevated side and end walls.

You can reinforce the lower portion of the box by placing its lid under the bottom of the box. Make sure that the walls are low enough to give your pet easy entry to the cat box. You can also provide for flaps on the upper section; these flaps will cover the litter box, fending off the odor of cat excrement. Indeed, a disposable cat litter box is a great convenience for you and your cat.

But having a cat box by itself is not enough to clear up your cat litter problems. The following are the main issues you should consider in utilizing the many-fold features of a disposable cat box. Litter And Food Do Not Go Together It is difficult to imagine having a six-course candlelit dinner inside your toilet. Same for cats, they definitely abhor having their meals in the same place they discharge waste. Therefore, it is important that you set the box as far from your cats food bowl as possible. The Litter Box Is Place Of Sanctity How do you feel when somebody barges into your toilet while you are using the comfort station? Like you, cats like quiet time while using their toilet.

So put the cat box away from often used doors and noisy places. Privacy is a key consideration so that cats will use the disposable litter box. Other Tips If you live in a home with more than one level, it is desirable to set up a box in every level or floor of your home in which your cat can have entry. This is a great comfort for cats, especially the ones with arthritic problems as they do not have to go down or up the stairs just to do their elimination. Finally, cats love familiarity so once you have found the best area on which to place your disposable litter box do not transfer it.

If you must move the box to another place in your home, do not do the transfer drastically. Instead move the box on a piecemeal fashion, often going on just inches per day.

Lee Dobbins writes for where you can learn more about cat litter and the different types of litter boxes including the disposable cat litter box.


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