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Learn About The Kuvasz Dog Breed

Are you looking for a new member to the family? If you are, you may find the Kuvasz dog breed to be very acceptable as a companion. They have long been known as working dogs because of their protective nature. If you are looking for a dog breed that will be a great companion and see to your safety you will do no better than the Kuvasz.

The Kuvasz dog breed is a larger dog. The males are usually 28- 30 inches and 110- 115 pounds. The female dogs are 26- 28 inches and 70- 90 pounds.

The Kuvasz is one of the only dogs that do not have a wide ranged of colors. This dog will only be found in white as a purebred. If you have a dog that is considered a Kuvasz, but a mix in color or other colors you do not have a purebred Kuvasz. Their coat is coarse with a soft undercoat. They can have wavy or straight hair depending on their parents.

For temperament you will find they are suspicious of strangers, which can make them aggressive or shy depending on their nature. You will find them to be obedient, protective, and gentle. However you should realize training is going to help make the difference in whether this dog breed is right for your family.

They tend to be particular for families. While they can be affectionate for the right family sometimes they just don't fit well. You should spend extensive time with the Kuvasz puppy you are looking to adopt to make sure you and your family will fit nicely with them.

Training is also going to be a very important part of the puppy and adult dog life. You have to socialize them early on to take care of the shy or aggressive behavior. A failure to do so may make them aggressive towards strangers and not fitting for the neighborhood with kids. They are easy to train because of their intelligence.

They also tend to be obedient, but you need a firm hand, and you must be sensitive with your tone of voice. They don't respond well to anger, impatience, or a heavy tone. You will also find because of their nature they have been wonderful herders in the past as well as watchdogs. If you are in need of a working dog you will find training them can be relatively easy for that.

Training will also need to be kept up as adults as part of their exercise. They need to have daily exercise even if it is just a walk or a run around a park. You should have plenty of entertainment for during the day including a large backyard and toys. They tend to be destructive when left alone for too long. They need human companionship, just as we need them so keep in mind a family with two working parents may not be the best or ideal situation. Care is also very important, and not just the regular exercise, and feeding.

You will need to groom them on a daily basis. They need to have their overcoat and under coat attended to. You will find they will also shed less and be cleaner with constant grooming. You should need to bathe them regularly. They do best in colder climates, but can handle a warmer area.

Keep in mind the shedding will increase in a warmer climate. The Kuvasz dog breed is one of the best for protective nature. You may find this is not conducive to families with small children or those who work long hours every day. Keep in mind your dog is apart of the family and needs attention too.

Gerry Ronson is a writer for the websites Dog Collars and Dog Training.


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