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Im Warning YouHurry Put Your Gas Mask On

You must do something about the air youre breathing.
Think its safe? Think again! According to ScienceDailys documented online information.

Heres some excerpts:

Exposure to them (pollutants) poses a high risk to community health.

Baylor College of Medicine, Texas Southern University, University of Houston Law Center and The University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) at Galveston collaborated with Rice on the study, which focused on benzene, 1,3-butadiene, formaldehyde and diesel particulate matter.

Based on the results of our study, we strongly recommend immediate action to lower the ambient concentrations of the four hazardous air pollutants we researched, said principal investigator Matt Fraser, associate professor in civil and environmental engineering at Rice.

The level of air toxics concentration that were seeing in the Houston area poses a dangerously high risk of cancer and other health problems.

Even worse! .

Benzene, also a product of petrochemical manufacturing and present in motor vehicle exhaust, averaged an annual concentration of 1.7 ppb in Houston during 2004; the amount in Los Angeles was 0.

9 ppb. Benzene exposure leads to an increased risk of leukeumia as well as noncarcinogenic effects, including decreased blood cell counts.

Formaldehyde, a gas formed through atmospheric chemical reactions and also emitted directly from various sources, had an annual average concentration of 7.

9 ppb in Houston in 2004; Los Angeles was close behind with 7.2 ppb. Exposure can cause irritation of the eyes and respiratory tract. Inhalation of formaldehyde causes degenerative effects in laboratory animals and nasal tumors in rats, and similar risks are anticipated in humans.

Diesel particulate matter (PM) originates from widespread sources, including vehicles, engines, and generators.

Diesel particulates are not monitored routinely at local air quality monitoring sites, but recent air pollution research studies in Houston indicate concentrations of diesel PM between 1.6 and 3.7 micrograms per cubic meter. The report estimates that if one million people were exposed to this level over their lifetime,between 50 and 1,000 would contract cancer.

Now, even if you think you can beat the odds, you must not allow yourself to get sick due to the accumulation of all this junk inside you from (believe it or not) just the air you breathe.

And even though the study reports on Houston mainly, this is not the only city where these chemicals are filling the air, they are everywhere! Your lungs are moist and made of layers of tissue, so they act like a wet sponge would if exposed to the same stuff. And the last thing they need to soak up is all this industrial crap! But what should you do? Perhaps a gas-mask is not very practical, right? If you wore one all day long people would think you were some sort of freak, right?

Inside the attached article site below, theres more than just a mere fat-loss solution It also gives you an entire way to flush-out all the stored and soaked up, absored junk from the environment! This amazing secret actually forces all the garbage out that youve been breathing in all your life! When you
breath this filthy stuff in, it forms deposits all throughout the various thousands of tissues all through your body. Over time, it causes sickness and disease, and yes, even death.

But by getting rid of it, it never has the chance to take you down because you get rid of it first, and before it has a chance to get rid of you! So if you take yourself, your life, and your health seriously, then grab this information for yourself now, and before its too late for you! Its already pretty late in the game for you, as youre now just finding out about all this when you should have at least 10 years ago!

So why allow another second to go by and bring you one second closer to death or disease? Take action for your own sake today!


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