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How to become a top dog breeder

Many people want to become good dog breeders. Dog breeding and doing it properly is an expensive hobby. There is the picking up of a good bitch, waiting for her to become old enough before breeding, choosing the best dog for her to mate with, and undertaking all the health checks she needs, and ensure that the dog you need also passes through the same health checks. There are potential extra expenses during pregnancy, you have to pay a stud fee (or return a puppy), you have the time at your disposal, and can incur the expense of whelping.

The puppies are to be kept for a minimum of 8 weeks before sending them to their homes. There is the need to advertise and look for good homes before sending them to their homes. As a breeder, you also need to see that the dogs have had their shots before going. You may be and ardent dog lover and want to better a particular breed of dogs. You may devote your time and energy to bettering a particular breed of dogs. Often this requires breeding dogs of a particular bloodline, thus creating particular traits that will be passed down through future generations.

There is the requirement to have one or two un-neutered female dogs. If you have two or three adult dogs, you may not even need to register your kennel. A good dog breeder does not want to use dogs with major blemishes. The breeder may show the dogs to endeavor to have a championship before breeding them. This increases the value of the dog's future puppies. It also leads to the breeder networking with the people who know the most about the breed.

The dog may not get a championship but a few wins and the dog exhibitors will take you more seriously. If one of the exhibitors has a dog with characteristics that will even out any of the flaws that your dog has, then you can breed show quality puppies. If, as a dog breeder, you want to breed dogs for many years, you may want to choose a kennel name.

The kennel name has to be registered with the corresponding Kennel Club. It may be a good idea to get a kennel permit. The permit will eventually be needed as you may require a few puppies to continue the bloodline. There is the requirement to get the permit before you are attached to your puppies. When you are breeding your dog for the first time, you should seek out a male dog that belongs to a practiced dog breeder. When the dog has bred, you need to take it to the veterinarian.

You need to ask the vet about the birthing procedure. When the delivery time comes near prepare a quiet spot for your dog to deliver. These steps ensure that you are a successful dog breeder and you take care of your dog and ensure that the best dogs only breed to carry on the bloodline.

This article comes to you from dog lover John Pawlett who is currently building a community site for dog breeds and breeders


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