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Surprisingly there are many individuals who find the Greyhound one of the best show dogs. They raise them from puppies and then head around the country for shows. If you are interested in a Greyhound you should learn about there care, temperament, and characteristics before purchasing one. When you do decide that a greyhound is what you wish to have you will want to speak directly to a dog breeder. It can be difficult to find this dog breed in stores, humane societies, and animal shelters. The greyhound is considered a hound as the name depicts.

They are also a very tall dog breed, despite their size. Male greyhounds weigh between 65 and 70 pounds, where the females are usually five pounds less. They can reach twenty- seven to thirty inches in height making them about level with your waist for most individuals. They are a shorted haired dog with black, grey, red, fawn, and several other color choices to choose from. The coat is not really soft, but a glossy finish.

In fact they are not really pleasing to pet for long periods of time like other dog breeds. For the greyhounds character you will find them to be gentle around children making them a great pet for the family. You will also find they are long distance runners. At dog races you usually find greyhounds running up to forty miles an hour after a rabbit or other incentive. They can also make great hunters, watchdogs, and show dogs. They tend to be very graceful in their movements.

They also need human attention. They can't be left for long periods of time alone because they want to be apart of the family. They also have deadly instincts for tiny animals so having rabbits, cats, or birds for pets can be a bit dangerous. This dog breed does well around other dog breeds, especially their own kind.

The greyhound is very sensitive though, so you should be able to devote plenty of time with your dog and have children that will respect them as well. You will find care for these dogs in the grooming category is very simple. As mentioned their coat is short and coarse, which means a brushing every once in a while will help them to get rid of dead hairs. You should avoid bathing them as it can irritate the skin and cause issues with the natural oils in the hair. You will find greyhounds also need a lot of exercise.

You will need to have a backyard where they can run and play. You should also plan on having a morning and evening walk to help them expound their energy. You can even take bike rides so they can run with you. Two hours a day of exercise is required when you own a greyhound.

Training is also important as part of the exercise regime. You will find an intelligence behind the dog, but as mentioned they can be sensitive. They need a gentle person to be firm, but affectionate during training. You may find it is best to seek a trainer at first to help you. You should take obedience classes with your puppy and always be consistent.

Training should also keep the greyhound interested. They can become bored if the activity is not fun or challenging enough. Greyhounds are one of the best pets you can have with children and when you want a very affectionate pet. Some dogs are not as affectionate and tend to be anti social. With the greyhound you don't have to worry about that, but remember don't leave them alone for very long as they desire human companionship.

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