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Goldfish Breeding Tips

Breeding goldfish can be a relaxing hobby but is not to be undertaken lightly as it will take time, money and patience. First off, you will need to invest in a large tank which will serve as the goldfish's home while you are breeding. Make sure you get good quality fixtures for the tank to keep your fish happy and healthy. The most important task in breeding goldfish is choosing the variety of goldfish you want to breed. As a beginner, it is advisable to choose the small and easy to handle breeds of goldfish, the lionhead, red and white oranda and pearscale.

After you have chosen the breed, select a male and female pair. Be sure to choose a high quality goldfish for your breeding stock. Look at the body shape, color and size, and finnage to determine quality.

An ideal male goldfish will show breeding tubercules on its pectoral fins and. While a female goldfish should be heavy but with a soft, slender body. It's best to buy two male for one female fish.

Try to get younger goldfish if you can as the younger fish produce more fertile eggs and in proper form, making them much better to breed than older ones. When starting the breeding process, you first need to see to it that the fishes are ready to mate with each other. The first sign is when you see the male goldfish chasing the female around the tank. That is when the courtship will begin.

You will also notice the colors of the fish change to a brighter color, this is in order to attract their mate. Spawning of goldfish eggs usually start early in the morning or late at night. Then after an hour, the male will be able to spray its milts. Do not change the water at this time, so that the female fish will be fertilized. After a few days, the male fish will become aggressive and will push the female fish around the tank this is when she will eject her eggs.

The eggs will automatically stick on the plants of the tanks. Watch the eggs carefully to look for growth and changes. Once you see that the eggs have already hatched, your work will begin. Remember that the parent goldfish eat their eggs so the need to be separated from the fry. Transfer one or the other to a new tank or container.

You must learn how to feed the fry (small baby goldfish). You need to use teeny particles of food like frozen shrimps, dried flakes, boiled egg yolks and even liquid foods. Make sure to give them food three times a day. Ensure that the food you have given is enough for the fry but not too much or you will effect the water quality in the tank. If you give proper supplement for the baby fish, they will grow fast.

As they grow, these fry must be transferred to a more comfortable tank. Once they are large enough, transfer them to their new tank home and sit back and enjoy your new finned friends!.

Lee Dobbins is a pet lover and fish tank owner who writes for Fish Tank Care where you can learn more about caring for your fish tank.


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