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Energy What You Need To Know About Bio Fuels

Agro fuel commonly as bio fuel is derived from a biomass. It can be a solid, liquid or gas fuel. Bio fuel is now a common means of decreasing the greenhouse gas emissions and is now used as fossil fuel alternative.

It is eyed to replace fossil fuels in the near future. However, it was researched that though bio fuel reduces the greenhouse effect, the release of Nitrous Oxide from commonly used bio fuel contributes much to global warming. Bio fuels are now used in many countries and are now extensively expanding in big continents such as Europe, Asia and America. The production of bio fuels is derived from any carbon source particularly plants. According to studies, it is environmentally safe to produce bio fuels because the sources are easily replenished. The most common use of bio fuels is for the automotive and transportation industries.

Bio fuels are made in three generations. The first generation bio fuels are made from crop goods such as sugar and starch, vegetable oil and animal fats. With the help of conventional technology, these components are used to manufacture some sorts of bio fuels. In countries with warm climate, bio fuels made from vegetable oil are now being used as fuel for automobiles with diesel engine. Because vegetable oil has a low quality for fuel, it has to be mixed with the conventional diesel fuel.

Bio diesel is a common first generation bio fuel. It is similar to a mineral diesel. Bio diesel is made from vegetable oil mixed with sodium hydroxide and methanol.

Like the vegetable oil, bio diesel is now used in diesel engines but has to be mixed with mineral diesel. Another type of first generation bio fuel is the bio alcohol. It is produced biologically with ethanol, butanol and propanol.

It is done through fermentation. Of all the three, butanol is the only liquid and the only bio alcohol that can actually produce high energy. An automobile should be first modified before using butanol. Otherwise, it can cause the engine to burn when mixed directly with existing gasoline engines.

Ethanol fuel is used worldwide. Sugar is fermented to create enzymatic digestion. It is now considered as a replacement for gasoline and it is safe to mix it with gasoline at any percentage.

Methanol is produced from natural gas which is a kind of fossil fuel. Hydrogen economy has long been used by many countries but is now being replaced by methanol. Bio gas is very effective product of bio fuels. It is produced from biodegradable waste materials through the process of anaerobic digestion. Solid bio fuels are made from wood, charcoal and dried excrement.

The second generation of bio fuels is produced using the biomass to liquid technology that extracts bio fuels from non food crops. Bio hydrogen is one common type of the second generation fuel. It is now used in fuel cells to produce electricity.

DMF is manufactured from fructose, glucose using the biomass to liquid process. DMF is now widely used in compression ignition engine. Biomethanol, almost the same as methanol is now being used in automobiles and can mix with petrol with up to 20% without any significant changes. FT diesel or Fischer-Tropsch diesel is not used with fossil diesel without any relevant effect.

Wood diesel, another type of the second generation bio fuels is extracted from wood chips. The oil produced is mixed with unmodified diesel engines and the charcoal byproduct is used as a fertilizer. The third generation bio fuel is from algae. In some countries, algae‚?? farming is now a growing industry to suffice the need for cheaper oil. The industry for bio fuel is now growing in some countries. Resources for bio mass are continuously being discovered as the demand for bio fuels increases.

Other uses of bio fuel are also continuously being discovered. In some countries where oil is expensive, bio fuels have been applied for cooking indoors. However, it was noted that it is also one of the sources of health problems in these places. A number of benefits are noted upon the use of bio fuels. Reduction of greenhouse effect, fossil fuel use, increase in energy security, increase in rural development and poverty reduction are some of them. With industrialization widely being embraced by many countries, the need for fuel is increasing.

With the high cost of current fuels being used, some countries cannot accommodate competition with rich countries. But with the bio fuel, it is now possible. However, the use of bio fuel is not unlimited. It has limitations like other sources of energy.

Manufactures and producers of bio fuels should know well that the resources should be replaced or replenished rapidly. Otherwise, a more negative effect will come into the picture. Though some negative effects were mentioned with the use of bio fuels, the advantages are still greater. With proper knowledge and understanding of bio fuel, everyone worldwide will surely benefit from bio fuels.

Susan is a contributing copywriter to This viewpoint is brought to you in conjunction with trade leads from the Solar Panels section of our site.


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