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Discover How To Take Super Pug Pictures

Pugs are known as being one of the most amazing looking breeds of dogs on the planet and it is no wonder why people are so fascinated by their appearance. Many owners like to take pictures of their pugs and a new hobby has sprung to life and it's all about taking pug pictures. So much so that they are in fact many sites devoted to this new hobby and contain galleries full of magnificent and strange pug pictures. So what is the best way to take a pug picture? Well that's what this article is all about. Setting First of all, choose a setting that would best suit your pug picture. If you have a strong male pug, then choose a very masculine setting like on a football field or even a battlefield, that way your pug will be recognized as being a tough dominant male.

If you have puppies, then you are going to want to go for a more lighter scene. Perhaps have your puppy running through a field of daisies, jumping out above the flowers. This is a very popular scene that many people have used in their pug pictures.

Clothes or No Clothes Many people like to dress their dogs up for the photographs. This in fact doesn't have a huge appeal because pugs should be shown in their natural body, or else they can be unrecognizable. It's more important to change the setting to best fit the particular type of pug in the pictures than it is to dress your dog up. It can usually be too overpowering and make the pug picture looks more ridiculous than anything. Equipment The question that is usually asked is whether or not digital is best.

This all depends on the particular setting again and whether or not it is best suited for a digital camera or not. Usually if you wanting to take in the landscape around the pug in the picture, you should go for a traditional camera with a good lens to you are able to focus on the background and the foreground. If you decide to use a digital camera, you may notice that the background landscape may become muffled and hard to view.

Professional cameras stop this from happening. If you decide that the landscape in your pug picture is not as important as the foreground, than using a digital camera is fine. I hope this information has been very much informative for you and I wish you the best of luck creating your very own pug pictures in the future.

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