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Choosing The Right Sized Dog

When you are looking to adopt a dog there are many things you must consider. First you must consider if you are a good candidate for a dog. Then you have to look at the type of dog you are interested in. Many of us who are just looking for a loving pet will often go to a pet shop, shelter or other place to find a dog that we love without real regard for the breed. In some cases we are even more interested in the breed as we have been exposed to that type of breed in the past and have found that we love them. When you are looking to introduce a dog into your life you should be conscious of the actual dog breed, the care, and of course the training the dog will need to make them a great pet.

In your search for a dog you will find that many dogs are extremely affectionate and need a lot of love and attention. Once you have looked at all aspects of pet care from the type of breed you are interested in you have to look at your home. Dog breeds require a certain amount of space, which means you have to be cognizant of its full grown size. You may see the puppy is a small dog and that it will fit well in your home, but what will it grow up to be? When selecting size it is important to know some of the breeds.

For instance German Shepherds, Old English Sheepdogs, Doberman Pinschers, Great Danes, Mastiff, and several other dogs are very large. They also require a great deal of space. If you live in the city and in an apartment you may find the place is too small to fit their full grown size. While they may live in the apartment with some contentment they need a lot of exercise during the day. If you work eight or more hours as does your family then the dog will not be getting the proper amount of exercise. Therefore for these dogs it is important to have a large backyard where they can run during the day.

They will also need to have walks and play time with you. If you do live in an apartment it is better to stay with some of the smaller dogs. Smaller dogs that make great city pets include Chihuahuas, Terriers, Chow Chow's, Japanese Chin, Cockapoos, and Poodles. These dogs tend to need less space and are active inside as well as out. You will also find that Beagles are great for indoors. While these dogs tend to run around a lot and have high amounts of energy they don't need near the walking time or space.

Some of the smaller dogs do require yards to make them extremely happy, but there again if you have time for a dog park or to take them outside to play you will be fine living in an apartment or small home with a small backyard. Dog care is extremely important not only in providing the proper nutrition and exercise, but in making sure the dog can be happy within your lifestyle. Remember that most dogs require a lot of affection and attention and that while some will do well in apartments they still need the time and attention it takes to get proper exercise. So size does matter when you consider the place that you live in.

Gerry Ronson is a writer for the website dog supplies and dog training equipment.


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