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Cat Care Tips You Ought To Know

Have you ever wondered how it is that beings that are so different, such as felines and humans, can develop such a strong bond? Following these cat care tips will help you and your kitty form an even stronger bond and better enjoy each other's company. These tips cover subjects such as preventing litter box problems and bringing out your kitty's hunting instincts. 1. Handling your cat - start handling your cat often when she's a kitten, and chances are good she'll better accept it when a stranger has to do so (like the vet). It will make it easier later in life when she needs her claws trimmed, or has to be examined.

Of course, some cats just don't like to be picked up no matter what, but this can help. 2. Give your cat a quickie physical - grooming sessions are a good time to examine your cat for common health problems.

Check for fleas, ear mites, and signs of pain, swelling, or injury. Check your cat's eyes, teeth, gums, ears, skin, and limbs for problems. 3.

Let your cat sunbathe - cats love heat. In fact, domestic cats love warmth so much that they've been known to singe their fur on a hot stove. Cats love to sunbathe, so provide a bed for your cat by a window so she can have her place in the sun. 4. Indoor cats have more fun - indoor cats tend to get more attention and they live longer.

Every major cat advocate organization recommends keeping your cat indoors for longer life, safety, and better health. Cats can live out a happy, healthy life indoors. With your help, they get the exercise they need, and survey their territory from a nice spot in front of the window. 5. Your cat wants to hunt, so let her - I'm not talking about rats.

Get a few treats and spread them around the house to bring out the hunting instinct in your kitty. Also, try throwing dry food bits and watch her chase them down. This will make feeding time more interesting for both of you.

6. Provide enough litter boxes - follow the one plus one rule - one box for each cat in the house plus one more. This ensures that there's a fresh, available box to use at any given time.

Some cats don't like using a box that was recently used, even if they were the one to use it. 7. Clean the cat litter box twice a day - clean the box twice a day and change the litter every few weeks, thoroughly scrubbing the box and disinfecting with bleach when you do.

Keeping the box spotless will help prevent any possible cat litter box problems that might arise. 8. Play with your cat often - dangle toys for your cat to play with, or have your cat teach you to play fetch. Chase your cat around the house whenever you can. Get your cat exercising every day and you'll help lower risks of diabetes and other diseases. 9.

Must have cat toys - cat toys can be fun for both of you. Rotate your cat's toys in and out of circulation so that you keep it interesting. Always, however, leave your cat's favorites accessible. Heed warning labels, though, and do not leave your cat unsupervised as injury can occur. Also, a belt or a shoe lace, if used safely, can make a great interactive toy and provide exercise for your cat.

10. Get your cat a housemate - two cats are more than twice the fun of one. Plus, your cats will be able to give each other attention when you can't. A second cat around the house will offer comfort, reduce boredom, and encourage exercise. This will help prevent possible behavior problems as well, as bored kitties are more likely to get into trouble. Giving in to your cat's instincts will make your kitty a better adjusted family member.

More touching will bring you closer and make your cat more social, and keeping your cat indoors will keep her safe. The cat care tips concerning the litter box will save you some headache, and keeping your cat in good shape and never bored will keep her happy, and both of you out of trouble.

For more information on felines and cat care tips see Kurt Schmitt's cat lovers website.


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