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Whats in a Pet Food Name - From looking at many pet foods, it is disheartening to me to see pet food name that have very little meaning to them.

Dog Diseases Hypothyroidism - In this article is a look at the hypothyroid disorder dogs can be affected with later in life.

African Horse Sickness a Spreading concern - African horse sickness is a potentially fatal, untreatable illness of equines, and cases are being found further north with global warming.

Diabetes in Dogs - Diabetes mellitus or sugar diabetes is a chronic endocrine (hormone) illness characterised by high levels of glucose in the blood.

Dealing With Glaucoma in Dogs - Glaucoma in dogs is a degenerative disease that can affect any dog breed.

Beagles The Perfect Family Dog - Beagles are a very small dog breed that offers love, and excitement to anyone?s life.

Pet Beds - Smooth, soft and nice feel of a touch takes anyone into the world of dreams.

A Guide To Spanish Mastiff Dog Secrets - The Mastiff dog is a dog fan favorite and has proven to be very interesting.

Life and Death of the Million Year Old Dog - The ancestry of dogs dates back around 40 million years to an animal with five toes like a weasel known as the Miacis, a tree-climbing carnivore.

Different Types of Pet Hermit Crabs - This article offers general information about the types of hermit crabs that are available and the most popular in the United States.

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