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All The Secrets You Need To Know About The Black Pug

Pug puppies are extremely affectionate and loyal to its owner. You can see a black pug jumping and playing with children in its playful way. Both intelligent and sensitive, you have to tone down the training to be gentle enough for pug puppies. This type of dog was specially bred for the Chinese emperors during the Shang Dynasty. It sat on the laps of emperors in China and later became a favorite pet by the monks in Tibet. From Tibet, it ventured into Japan and lastly into Europe.

Upon its arrival in Europe, pugs are exclusively for royalties like Queen Victoria. Pugs had special place at that time among royalties. It is even said that pugs became the letter carrier of Josephine before she married Napoleon Bonaparte to her family because nobody can visit her in the prison except for the pet. It is not until the nineteenth century that pugs made it into the arms of family homes. Pugs used to be leaner and longer but recent breeds are stockier with better developed chest muscles.

The coats are gleaming and glossy especially black pugs. These features just emphasizes on its huge and dark eyes. Pugs are expected to have curls in at the tips of its tails and those with double curls will be loved more by their owners. Pugs are very affectionate in its nature. You do not have to worry if you have to leave your black pug playing with your kids. This is because it goes along well with children and other types of dogs.

It is easy to train pugs because it has the reputation of adapting to dog obedience skills fairly easy. You will not have to raise your voice when you are training it. However, it can get pretty jealous sometimes because pugs needed attention. Hence, you need to make sure of splitting enough time to play with your black pug and other pets. It is normal to have the desire to see your pets healthy.

However, this should not be the reason why you feed your black pug until it is bloated. Mind you, pugs are extremely prone to obesity. Make sure that you provide enough exercise for your brown or black pugs regularly. Small and compact, pugs do not tolerate well with extreme temperatures. During hot days, provide it with enough water to avoid overheat. It will be nice to keep your pugs indoors whenever the weather looks too much on the hot or cold side.

This is because pugs cannot stand extreme cold weathers too.

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